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Current Residence: ..."Long ago in the distant realm of Thiene, Italy"...
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NUMBER 10...

This is either gonna be great, or it's gonna suck hard.
The fact it's from Happy Madison Productions worries me, the supporting cast and the direction of Chris Columbus gives me some hope. It's The LEGO Movie of 2015 in terms of expectations before its release. And hopefully this film will also turn out good.
(UPDATE: Yep, unfortunately it seems it sucked hard. Maybe I'll cover this movie for my Reaction And Review series someday, but I'm definitely skipping it after the stuff I've heard about it. Oh well, I got some other films I'm looking forward to, like The Man from U.N.C.L.E., Crimson Peak and Victor Frankenstein to name a few.)


I might not be the biggest fan of the most recent films by Blue Sky Studios or the most hardcore fan of Snoopy, but I'm really curious to see this movie because of its unique animation style, and who knows, it might convey me into a hardcore fan after seeing it.
...I really hope they remove all those f*****g pop songs in the actual film, though.


Alot of doubts going in, but I want this to be a good Jurassic Park sequel, it has franchise potential and I want this movie to use it properly and be better than those other two disastrous, cringeworthy sequels. Please don't disappoint...
(13 June 2015 UPDATE: I WATCHED IT!!!: It was actually ALOT better than I thought it was gonna be like. It is definitely superior than the other two sequels and the protagonists were very likeable and alot of fun. The human villain was unneeded and his plan was cliché as hell. It would've been nice if they used more animatronics, but with that said the CGI was pretty good for the most part. I can see some sequel potential, but enough with the park formula; rating: 3,5/5)


A new biopic from someone who's pretty damn good with biopics, Ron Howard (the man behind films like Apollo 13, Frost/Nixon and his most recent Rush). The talented cast and the fact I'm a fan of Herman Melville's "Moby Dick" escalates my hype for this flick.


I know it's gonna be another sweet superhero film with smart action, but I hope Ultron is an awesome and memorable villain since I think that's what the MCU is truly missing.
(24 April 2015 UPDATE: I WATCHED IT!!!: Well, Ultron sure as hell was the badass villain I was asking for, so that already makes it excellent to me. The smart action was also there, and I loved that Black Widow and Hawkeye get more flashed out. Overall solid comicbook movie and very good first impression; rating: 4/5)


Since Django Unchained is the only Quentin Tarantino movie I genuinely adored, I'm sold to this new one since it's gonna be another Western flick.


Funny how it's the fourth entry of the franchise in the fourth position. Anyways, I've always had a soft spot for George Miller's post-apocalypse series and this SICK trailer really pumps me up with hype, seriously, this trailer is a fucking masterpiece.
(15 May 2015 UPDATE: I WATCHED IT!!!: Aside from the rushed ending, this is quite an effective semi-reboot of the series, it brings new life in it kinda like how Max himself does when he turns into a "universal blood donor". I won't give away too much, it's a great action film and it deserves all that acclaim; rating: 4,5/5)


Hopefully the best movie based on a ride since The Curse of the Black Pearl, and hopefully another excellent movie from Brad Bird.
(24 May 2015 UPDATE: I WATCHED IT!!!: This got a quite mixed general reception... But I still liked it alot. It has a very powerful message, a wake up call, the characters were likeable and it was so well crafted. It does have issues in the way it tells the story and the climax, but I still recommend it; rating: 3,5/5)


It's a new Star Wars film... Enough said.


If I learned that this movie won't be screened for some reason, I'd tear my hair in bloody frustration. THIS is the movie I'm waiting the most this year. Yeah, sure, maybe the lone survivor formula isn't the most original idea ever, but the biggest stakes of this film come from everything surrounding it. There hasn't been a single good movie about Mars since 1996. For some reason, every movie revolving Mars has either sucked (Mission to Mars, Red Planet, Ghosts of Mars, Doom, Mars needs Moms, The last days on Mars) or bombed at the box office (John Carter)... Will this film make the difference? It is based on a well recieved novel, which has been adapted into a script by the competent Drew Goddard (The Cabin in the Woods, Netflix's Daredevil), it has a solid cast with Matt Damon, Jeff Daniels, Jessica Chastain and Kristen Wiig... And of course, it's directed by Ridley Scott.
Scott's career has been a roller coaster, things particularly declining with his most recent films, but will he master the script and the cast and pull off a GOOD Mars movie? I want a good movie about Mars (my favorite planet... Outside the Earth, obviously) and I want Ridley Scott to redeem himself by breaking this curse that makes Mars films fail.
We will never know until this film gets released, and that's why The Martian is absolutely my most anticipated movie of the year 2015.
(7 October 2015 UPDATE: I WATCHED IT!!!: ...Great Scott... Great fucking Scott indeed... This wasn't a good film. It was MORE than good! Way better than I could have ever asked for! Aside from Ridley Scott redeeming himself by directing a good film, I also give extra props to the writers, the actors, the people who worked on the special effects, everyone did an amazing job and they broke the curse that makes Mars movies suck. Sure, there could be more shitty Mars movies after this one, but now I have hope knowing that sooner or later there will always emerge one that isn't just good, but amazing. It gave me hope. I have no complaints about this film, I absolutely loved it and I absolutely recommend it to pretty much anyone. Go see it if you can, we have to reward these people for making this wonderful movie that is fun and smart at the same time; rating: 5/5)

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Is there a sequel with full grown Zilla? The beginning with the baby was neat, the second part dragged for the most part
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