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To explain why I'm looking so much forward to this, I'd probably repeat the same reasons I had for having The Martian my most anticipated movie of 2015. Any live action adaptation of a video game sucked ass, but this time it really feels as if they're trying and making an effort to make a good video game movie. I know the basics of the source material this movie based its plot upon, I can see that they're being extremely faithful but at the same time I'll see how much it will stand on its own feet as a fantasy film. The director is a very cool cat, but he's known for doing small-scaled movies such as the mega overshadowed Moon, can he handle this huge budget and complex script for an epic fantasy piece? Come on, I want a fucking good live action video game movie for at least once. If I could watch this film right now and find out if it's good, I fucking would, that's why Warcraft is by far my most anticipated movie of 2016, the stakes are high.


This better not suck. This REALLY fucking better not suck. In 2008 Kung Fu Panda broke in theaters and it blew everyone away. In 2011 the awesomess increased with a great sequel... And they better do a great third one in 2016. I'll go on a killing spree if it sucks.
(20/03/2016 UPDATE: I WATCHED IT!!! Thankfully no killing spree coming. This was good. Is it as amazing as the first two? I'm not 100% sure, but it was still full of heartfelt moments, lots of character beats, plentiful laughs, engaging action set-pieces and an old moral that is told in a way that feels fresh and new. Not to mention, it's visually stunning. Seriously. It isn't perfect and I'll have to watch this movie more times before really deciding if it's the weakest of the trilogy or maybe better than the first, but for the moment I'm comfy with giving this 3,5/5)


This is the most controversial choice I've made, but I really look forward to see how the hell will this turn out. It's made by the people behind Spy, which has been the funniest film of 2015, so I think that as far as this concept goes, it's in good hands.
...I certainly have more hope for this project than I have for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Star Trek: Beyond, Finding Dory (what?), Independence Day 2 (are you kidding me?) and the remake of Jumanji (ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME!??!).


So, the first Star Wars spinoff! Viddy well. This is really a movie I'm not that worried for, but damn I'm very curious to check out as soon as possible. This movie has the potential of making happy those who had problems with The Force Awakens and I wish they explain the deal between clone troopers and stormtroopers (it's set between Episode III and IV) we'll definitely get more R2-D2 and C-3PO... And hopefully some Darth Vader.


It's amazing that Deadpool will get his movie but... I also have fears it could suck. We've got movies like Watchmen, Kick-Ass and Super, violence and profanity can't be the only things this film has to offer. I want my doubts to be banished so I look forward to this.
(20/02/2016 UPDATE: I WATCHED IT!!! In short it did not disappoint, I had a very gory, funny, well written and toned ride. The only flaw is that it pretends to be a 'superhero film you've never seen before' because at its core it's a by-the-book origin story, same with the conflict. Everything else, though? Amazing. 4/5)


I remember watching parts of the animated adaptation of this Ronald Dahl book, so I wanna see what this live action take on it will have to offer.
It's a new Steven Spielberg movie, but as revolutionary as he is, the man has shown that he's able to fail, the fact he's directing this isn't a surety that it will be good.


I know most people are probably more looking forward to Civil War, but for some reason I've always been more interested to the smaller MARVEL films rather than the ones about the Avengers. I know jack shit about Doctor Strange, so I want to see how this movie will stand on its feet. Let it be a Guardians of the Galaxy, please. Or even an Ant-Man.


Holy... Fucking... Sssssshit if this looks fun. The retro '70s environment looks flawless and gorgeous, personally I'm getting more and more fascinated by that period so this movie is totally my jam. I REALLY hope they didn't show the best parts in this trailer. If they didn't, then we're looking at the tip of an iceberg of awesome.


I honestly like the two new X-Men movies with the younger cast WAY more than the older films, and I like the fact that Wolverine doesn't get so much focus in this. However, not a fan of the boring costumes and Mystique not appearing in her blue form; it makes me afraid that they're pandering to the fans of The Hunger Games now that it's over.

NUMBER 10...

I like all comedies from the Coen Brothers (yes, even The Ladykillers, bite me haters), this looks very promising.
(16/03/2016 UPDATE: I WATCHED IT!!! ...Whelp... Do not trust Rotten Tomatoes, the truth is that this movie got a quite mixed reception. And unfortunately I'm among the people who didn't like this... It just wasn't that funny to me and the main story with George Clooney and his kidnappers was boring. It has cool scenes in it and the other characters on their own were kinda fun, but when they're crammed together to the main plot it just becomes forced and dull. THIS is the first disappointment I got from the Coen Bros, heck I could even argue how their so much hated "The Ladykillers" remake is a superior comedy with better writing, focus, humor and a sense that there are stakes. As for this thing that felt like a poor man's version of "The Big Lebowski", I'm giving it 2/5)


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Fanne pure quello che vuoi e postala ovunque tu voglia mostrarla, in fondo è tua. Anzi, se non mi menzioni neanche mi salvi da eventuali fissati che mi rintracciano e fanno cazzate o qualcosa del genere. Dubito che accadrebbe, but still.
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Non so di che diavolo stavate parlando, ma dire roba del genere "spero che la Grecia continui ad essere povera" è una stronzata, hai la libertà di litigare e fare ste discussioni accese, ma per me c'è un limite e quello lo ha superato. Se devi per forza insultare quel tipo allora manda a fanculo ir budello de' sua ma', non mi importa se sei cliché, lascia stare un intero popolo che non ha niente da spartire col quel tizio o quello che dice.
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